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Cracked Rocks
You will keep in perfect peace, those whose minds are steadfast; because they trust in you.
Isaiah 26:3
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every day

is an opportunity to...

I'm Brooke & I believe that 


Be Still & Rest

After experiencing years of stress, burn out, fear, anxiety, worry, and mental fatigue I decided enough was enough. My goal is to guide women who have had enough of the mental burn out and exhaustion, to a place of peace.


As a spiritual rest & recovery coach, I help women balance their busy minds and beat the burn out in order to pursue & thrive in their God given purpose and calling.


Whether you're experiencing pain, stress, anxiety, doubt or simply want to improve your relationship with the Most High God, I'm here to help you find balance and rest in the midst of the chaos. 

~ Brooke McDuffie

Image by Connor Misset

"Going through the process isn't easy, but when you are in alignment with God, you know it'll be worth it."

"A high level of gratitude fuels a high level of joy. In all things give thanks. Gratitude is the beginning of joy."

"You are so beautiful, so vibrant, so radiant. I pray that you will forever see yourself as God sees you."

Brooke McDuffie

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Balancing Busy Minds...


Get My Program

Your busy mind is in the way of your productivity. Aren't you done overthinking? Ready for change? My program is designed to be an easy transformation of your mind and spirit. 

Who It's For...

It's important to wake up and be clear about what lies ahead. Sometimes juggling multiple roles makes that a challenge. My program is for the woman and mother who misses her daily devotional time due to her motherhood duties. 

My Promise...

The clarity that you'll achieve is through the time you will set aside spent with God to declutter your thoughts. I promise to help you be intentional about devoting time to you and to God so that your responsibilities can be managed with ease and flow. 

Next Steps...

Keep up with me and join my community for daily support, advice, and help. We're in this together. See you soon! 

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